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Somavedic Launches Skin Care Serum and Balm

Jun 20, 2023Jun 20, 2023

Somavedic is entering the skin care category.

Following the success of its hero devices which block effects of electromagnetic field and 5G radiation, its Attune Health app and its recent supplement launch, the brand is adding two topical stock keeping units to its offering, the C60 Serum and Balm duo, $149. According to the brand, the launches are a strategic move as it focuses on rounding out its holistic wellness offerings across tech, topicals and ingestibles.

“We are holistically focused on the health and wellness, from the exercise from bringing harmonizing technology in, to supplements and skin care,” said Somavedic chief executive officer Juraj Kocar. “We try to provide the best products to mitigate the effects of [our environments].”

The two products feature Carbon 60, or C60, an antioxidant that the brand claims is 172 times stronger than traditional vitamin C — this ingredient is also featured in the brand’s ingestible Carbon Elixir C60, $109. The soccer ball-shaped molecule, made up of 60 carbon atoms, was officially discovered in 1985 and the trio who did so won a Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1996. Several small human studies published on PubMed show that the ingredient could have skin benefits, including antiaging and antibacterial properties, typical of an antioxidant like vitamin C. However, most notably, ongoing research shows the molecule’s potential for fighting free radicals, a key benefit Somavedic is focused on with all of its launches.

“It is basically absorbing all of the free radicals,” Kocar said. “It’s accumulating in our bodies. It’s not going away, but it’s accumulating, so the more C60 you take the better.”

Studies suggest the ingredient can target the damage of free radicals both topically and internally, becoming more effective with consistent use.

While these new topical products, which are intended to be used in conjunction on the face and/or body, continue to round out Somavedic’s wellness offerings, they, along with the recent supplement launch, offer a more approachable starting point for consumers, as the brand’s devices range in price from $498 to $5,600.

“We wanted to provide people with something more tangible like cosmetics and supplements and something more affordable compared to the Somavedic devices,” Kocar told WWD. “We were basically requested and we are reacting to the demand from our customers. They were asking, ‘Hey, what else can I do to lower the levels of free radicals in my body?'”

The products, which are now available on the brand’s website, are expected to account for 20 to 30 percent of the company’s overall revenue, though the team did not share a specific sales figure. Kocar noted the brand has launched the products in the Czech Republic and seen them become a top seller there, which he expects to also happen in the U.S.

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