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I tried the L'Oreal EverPure Purple Shampoo for blonde hair

Feb 05, 2024Feb 05, 2024

Sure, being blonde may be more fun in theory. But what many people don't tell you is that it takes quite a bit of work to maintain the light shade.

I started bleaching my hair about a decade ago, first at home and then professionally in a salon, in an effort to get my hair back to the bleach blonde shade that I had as a kid and teen. Through the process, I've made plenty of mistakes (attempting to bleach it myself at home is definitely No. 1). But perhaps the best thing that I've done for my blonde hair has been making purple shampoo a staple in my routine.

And while I've tried a handful of different options, my clear favorite (which I've been using for a few years) is an $8 option from L'Oréal.

Colored-treated blonde hair has a tendency to turn brassy with time, leaving your strands with unwanted yellow tones. But, according to experts, because purple falls on the opposite side of the color wheel as yellow, products that feature the pigment can help neutralize that brassiness and keep your color looking fresh beyond the salon.

While the stylists I've gone to typically recommend that I come back within three months for touch-ups and toning for my cool blonde color, I find that I can stretch my appointments anywhere between six to nine months — and there are two main reasons for that.

First, I ask for the shade to be blended around my roots, so instead of having a harsh line, it grows out looking more like a natural ombré. Second, I use this purple shampoo at least once a week to minimize any changes in color. And while it doesn't keep my shade looking exactly like it did when I left the salon (a girl can only dream), I do notice a big difference in my color when I'm routinely using it versus when I'm not.

Out of all the purple shampoos I've tried through the years, this one is the most pigmented. (Seriously, it's pretty shocking how purple it is). And maybe it's the placebo effect, but I'm convinced that the deep shade provides a better toning effect than any of the other shampoos I've tried.

The shampoo was named the "best shampoo for blondes" during our 2023 Shop TODAY Beauty Awards, and other testers also had equally positive things to say about the formula.

"This stuff just works and I’ve been using it for years. I color my hair and every couple weeks, I treat it for brassiness,” said NBC news custom productions integrations producer Mirjam Lablans. “This shampoo really helps bring the color into the right spectrum so it doesn’t look as yellow or brassy and restores the color and tone to a true ‘cool’ blonde."

Shoppers have raved about the formula as well. It currently has more than 14,400 five-star ratings on Amazon.

While some people say that the purple color can stain your tub, I haven't had that issue. Any time I see any leftover purple spots around my shower, I wipe them away before I get out. Though I imagine if you left it on the surface for a while it might leave a stain. Luckily, it doesn't stain my hands either, which can sometimes happen with purple shampoos.

According to the brand, people with color-treated blonde hair aren't the only ones who can benefit from incorporating the product into their routines. It can also be helpful for reducing yellow or brassy tones in natural blonde, silver or highlighted brown hair, too.

If you love your current shampoo and don't want to switch formulas, it also comes as an equally affordable conditioner and a hair mask, so there are plenty of ways to keep your blonde hair looking fresh!

Emma Stessman is an Associate Editor for Shop TODAY.

It's super pigmentedIt’s not just for those with bleached hair