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Best lip masks 2023 to soften and smooth your lips

Jun 10, 2024Jun 10, 2024

Soft, smooth lips as you slumber

ny multimasking pro worth their salt knows the power of a lip mask.

In the holy trinity of sheet, under eye and lip, you get thrice the hydrating nourishment. But this third element is often overlooked - even for those who abide by the K-Beauty 12-step skincare regime that favours moisturisation above all else.

Yes, a lip balm may play a frequent role in your day with one on every reasonable surface (from your desk, to every handbag you own), but a mask designed specifically for this area provides a quick-fix solution for parched pouts from dryness, chapping and the result of the ever-changing weather. You see, we just can never seem to catch a break. When the heatwave hits, our lips are sensitive to sun damage, yet when it’s blowing a gale, the wind leaves them flakey and sore. Our poor pouts really do go through it.

The solution? Slather on a lip mask before bed and you’ll wake up with plumped and conditioned pillowy-soft lips. These formulas provide intensive lip care thanks to nutrient-rich and replenshing ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid as well as those that will shield against external aggressors. Keep one your bedside table and let these cracked-lip saviour work their magic as you doze.

Lip masks come in two main forms; there are those that apply in much the same way as a lip balm, and others made up of bio-cellulose gel that should be applied for a designated amount of time and then removed. Both work to lock in the lipids for enhanced pout protection so you lips are no longer left high and dry. The former may feature a subtle tint and tend to come in a range of shades that leave a silky finish ready to layer up the colour if needed with a long-lasting lipstick or the likes.

Shop the best lip masks below to hydrate and nourish your pout.

Whether it’s the harsh winter, stuffy heating or blaring sun, our lips never seem to catch a break. Stop parched pouts in their tracks with Laneige and its hero lip mask, designed to work as overnight, (but can really be applied any time that you notice your lips are dry, flaky or cracking).

It is hugely hydrating but also gentle exfoliates to remove dead skin cells. The formula is made up of antioxidants including vitamin C and it comes in an array of fragrances including sweet candy, berry, lemon sorbet, chocolate, grapefruit and vanilla. LANEIGE is a Korean label credited as an authority on water-based hydration heroes - this product is a case in point.

The Fresh lip balms and scrubs are some of the best on the market and this masks is no exception. It falls into the prep stage category to infuse your dry, chapped lips with nourishing ingredients like shea butter, grape seed oil and meadowfoam. The mask comes with a mini spatula and has a gentle exfoilating effect to remove dead skin cells and encourage better absorption for the moisture that follows.

Hydration is a huge priority in the world of Korean skincare and few understand that better that COSRX, a K-beauty label that is beloved for its use of unique ingredients like snail mucin. This healing and moisturising component is not included in this mask, switching it instead for the plumping, smoothing properties of shea butter and ceramides.

Apply overnight where the product forms a protective veil on the lips. Come morning, your parched pout will be transformed, while it remains non-sticky, unscented, colourless and free from oil.

Tatcha is the wellness and skincare label from the Land of the Rising Sun that has already infultrated our face routines. The brand is coming for your lip care too with this fine line-fighting, soothing and smoothing lip mask that has an intensely reparative effect.

Japanese peach extract is the star ingredient and is set alongside orange peel extract that provides the calming and hydrating squalane that supports the skin barrier. The jelly texture is rapidly absorbed by parched pouts without causing irritation, yet leaving them pillowy soft.

Anti-ageing skincare is StriVectin’s bread and butter. The collection extends to moisturisers, serums and, of course, this lip mask.

Coat your pout in the ultra-hydrating properties of this hyaluronic acid-enriched formula using the spatula provided, and while you’re catching Z’s, it works its powerhouse magic to restore your lip to their most smoothed state. The formula is packed with omega-rich fatty acids that counteract dryness and instead packs in the moisture. You can also layer it under other lip products with ease.

Keep the ILIA lip mask next to your bed and as you’re about to drift off, cover your lips in its buttery formula. The mask works twofold; papaya enzymes buff the dead skin cells away and is then closely followed by the moisturising duo of salicornia and hyaluronic acid that are to thanks for the smoothed, nourished results.

In only one use, you should notice the increase in hydration levels but over time, this becomes even more evident with lips looking and feeling soft and flaky skin removed.

Whether it’s the heat, the cold or stress, dry lips can be caused by a multitude of reasons but when it occurs, you want a silky soft product like this Sigma Beauty mask in your arsenal. The melty gel texture is easily absorbed by the lips to bring with it a nourishing cocktail of hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, jojoba oil and shea butter. Hydration to the max, it also has a subtle tint and there’s four shades to choose between.

To prep your pout for the products that follow, you need to harness the moisturising goodness of the Fenty Skin Plush Puddin'. Luscious lips are a swipe away with this plumping, smoothing and hydration formula that gives conditioning as you get your forty winks.

Yet the restorative combination can be used equally in the morning - just note it’s very thick but it leaves a lovely sheen that can be layered up. The vanilla scent makes for an addictive aroma and you’ll relish application.

You no longer need to a book a trip to the US to stock up on Sephora’s sought-after own-brand collection. The retailer landed on UK soil earlier this year and its hero masks deserve to be on your radar and in your virtual basket.

This applies like a sheet mask over your lips and should be left for around five minutes before removing. Ideal just before you go out, it provides instant hydration, starring cherry extract as the main ingredient. The formula is derived mostly of natural origin (95 per cent) and the mask is created from a bio-cellulose material.

This offers a facial for just your lips with its transforming results. If you know PMD, it is likely for the brand’s hi-tech tools and cleansing brushes, which can be used in tandem with the masks to leave a clear canvas to encourage maximum absorption.

Made with a bio-cellulose material infused with the brand’s trademarked HydraPeptides anti-ageing ingredient, this mask covers the entirety of the lip area to restore, smooth and soften. One to scare your housemates with.