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Dr. Dennis Gross DermInfusions Lip Treatment Review With Pic

Aug 12, 2023Aug 12, 2023

Published on 7/26/2023 at 3:05 PM

I'm a huge fan of Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, whether it's the bestselling Alpha Beta Peel Pads, the brand's elegant mineral sunscreen, or the brightening Vitamin C Lactic Acid serum that diminished my dark spots in a mere two weeks. My fellow POPSUGAR editors and I are also obsessed with the brand's line of FDA-approved LED masks, like the DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro and the DRx SpectraLite EyeCare Max Pro. The brand has always been at the forefront of innovation in skin care, and its newest lip launch is no different. The DermInfusions Plump + Repair Lip Treatment ($45) promises to deliver immediate results by visibly hydrating and plumping your lips, as well as enhancing your natural lip color. It's part of the volume-boosting, peptide-rich DermInfusions line, and the brand claims it can even replace the need for lip filler.

As someone with perpetually dry lips, I jumped at the chance to try out the DermInfusions Plump + Repair Lip Treatment, but little did I know how much of a game changer it was going to be for me. I got a sneak peek at the product ahead of launch and got to experience its magic at the Silver Mirror Facial Bar in NYC as its Lips For Days add-on. When I saw my lips afterward, my jaw dropped. I was beyond impressed with the results.

Keep reading to see why the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare DermInfusions Plump + Repair Lip Treatment is worth every penny and deserves to go viral.

Ever since I tried the DermInfusions Plump + Repair Lip Treatment, nothing else compares. For starters, it has a flattering plumping effect that adds the perfect amount of volume; it's like I got a subtle amount of filler. Unlike other products on the market, this one actually works overtime to improve the condition of your lips, so they'll naturally look fuller with consistent use, just like skin care.

When using the DermInfusions Plump + Repair Lip Treatment, I noticed the biggest difference in my upper lip; it's fuller and more defined (especially the cupid's bow). Plus, my lips looked more balanced. To be honest, prior to using this, I never even thought about getting filler — I didn't really think I needed it — but after seeing the results, I'm in love with the new look.

When using it, there's a slight tingle, but it's not irritating and only lasts for a few seconds.

This helps the otherwise clear formula to bring a natural-looking flush of color to my lips. As a person of color, my lips are naturally two-toned and lean more brown than pink. Because of this, I usually prefer tinted products with berry tones, but the DermInfusions Plump + Repair Lip Treatment pulls that color into my lips, making them look beautiful.

To top it all off, the hydration lasts all day. I can go for several hours without needing to reapply, and as someone who has incredibly dry lips, this is truly unheard of. It has a gel-serum-like texture that doesn't feel sticky and sinks into the skin like a serum but feels like a lightweight layer of buttery gloss. The formulation has four different weights of hyaluronic acid, as well as ectoin and bisabolol, which all help to prevent dryness.

With this lip treatment, I can actually see and feel the difference in my lips immediately and over time. I've always been self-conscious about my smile, but with this lip treatment not only do I feel more confident with my smile, but I actually can't stop smiling. It provides more long-term hydration and benefits compared to only getting filler done. Whether you have fillers, never want to get it, or are just curious to see how your lips would look with a bit of volume, this lip treatment should be a part of your everyday skin-care routine; it's one of the best lip balms on the market. The best part? You only need a tiny bit of it to achieve all of this. The DermInfusions Plump + Repair Lip Treatment is the ultimate "my lips but better" product.

For best results, start by exfoliating your lips to get rid of any excess dead skin and uneven texture. To apply, gently press up from the base of the syringe-shaped tube and dispense however much product you need. I highly recommend doing this part slowly and with attention — if you're not too careful, you can accidentally release too much. Directly apply the treatment onto your lips with the silicone, angled tip. I like to start off with my cupid bow and work around the perimeter of my lips like a liner, then fill in the rest. You can use this alone or on top of another product like a lipstick or a liner.

At a $45 price point, this is more of an investment, especially for a lip product. However, considering that it doesn't need to be reapplied every often and you only need a tiny bit (like barely half a pump), one tube should last you a long time.

As stated previously, this lip treatment has a slight non-irritating tingle, but it goes away within seconds. If you have sensitive skin, be sure to do a patch test prior to use. Although the hydration is long-lasting, the filler-like effect deflates after a few hours — then you need to reapply. Another thing to note is that the cheeky syringe-inspired packaging is a bit bulky, especially if you're carrying a smaller bag.

The DermInfusions Plump + Repair Lip Treatment is available at Sephora and Nordstrom.

Rating: ★★★★★